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Horner critical: Clearly we need to find more aerodynamic performance

Horner critical: "Clearly we need to find more aerodynamic performance"

08-11-2020 20:41 Last update: 22:37

Christian Horner knows that Red Bull Racing still has a lot of work to do if the Mercedes is to be challenged in 2021. It will be difficult given the current circumstances, but Horner does not want to think about giving up.

"It is clear that we need to find more aerodynamic performance," says Horner in conversation with Channel 4. However, the outbreak of the corona crisis has restricted the development of the cars. In addition, from next season the teams will also have less time in the wind tunnel.

So it will be a bit of a relief for the Austrian race team, but every team suffers from it. Red Bull does not want to regard the 2021 season as lost either. There is still plenty of room for improvement, although it will all be a bit different from previous seasons.

Red Bull does not give up

"Mercedes has developed an incredible car this year, but we are not giving up and leaving the two titles with them. Anything is possible if you work hard, Mercedes has proven that, and we have shown that before. It is our job to take the next step. Of course, races like the GP at Imola are frustrating, but I'm sure we'll see several days where things will go better," said the top man of Red Bull.

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