New rules for F2 and F3: More races, less costs for the teams

06-11-2020 12:39 | Updated: 06-11-2020 16:12
New rules for F2 and F3: More races, less costs for the teams

In addition to Formula 1, Formula 2 and Formula 3 have also been very active this season. At many races where F1 was, the junior classes were also present for two races, one on Saturday and another race on Sunday. However, the format that has been used for a long time by both classes will now be adapted to reduce costs.

The F2 and F3 have taken a number of steps to reduce costs for the teams by 2021. There will be fewer costs associated with leasing an engine and a number of components. In addition, logistical costs will also be reduced and there will be no new F2 car for the next three years. 

Three races in one weekend

The two championships will also race on fewer circuits and they want to achieve that by organising three races per race weekend. As a result, there will only be eight race weekends in Formula 2 and only seven in Formula 3. All events will still take place alongside F1, but not at the same time.

So if F2 has a race weekend, F3 will not be present. This is the case because it would be near impossible to get six races in the programme alongside the F1 programme. The CEO of Formula 2 and Formula 3, Bruno Michel, explained that he is happy with the changes in the F2 press release. "It is one of our basic values, controlling costs. Today's announcements are important because they affect the championship and a race weekend."

Ensuring a stable championship

"In addition, teams currently taking part in both championships will be able to bring their staff to both races, thereby saving even more costs. With this we will be able to organise a stable championship in the coming years," Michel concluded.

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