Mol doesn't expect to see Albon in Formula 1 next season

03-11-2020 08:56 | Updated: 03-11-2020 11:45
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Mol doesn't expect to see Albon in Formula 1 next season

The pressure is mounting on Alex Albon and Olav Mol believes whatever he does in the remainder of the season, it will not be enough to secure him a seat next season.

Albon joined Formula 1 in 2019. Toro Rosso was looking for another driver and they ended up going for Albon, who had just signed a contract for Nissan in Formula E. However, Albon has struggled following his promotion to Red Bull after Gasly suffered similar fortunes himself. 

"It's a never ending Albon story. There's just no pepper in it and it's really finished now. He can accelerate a bit, but he's just turned out to be too small for that," said Mol at F1 aan Tafel.

Albon to leave Formula 1?

"Then he insisted until an hour after the race that he was tapped off, while you can see on the image that this is not the case. These are things that can't be done and the team has to help him with that," added Mol, who has a bleak view of Albon's future.

"He's not going back to AlphaTauri either. We should also remember that he has already been written off by Red Bull and was actually taken back out of need. They were hoping that he was going to do what he has not done now. So it's exit Formula 1 because I don't see any room for other teams either," concluded the commentator.

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