Hamilton: "That's something I can tell my grandchildren"

01-11-2020 14:08
F1 News
Hamilton: That's something I can tell my grandchildren

After a bad start, where he lost second place to Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton was still able to take victory at the Emilia Romagna GP. He took advantage of his strategy, driving for a long time, and taking the opportunity the virtual safety car brought.

"It was a tiring race because of the speed we had to drive after that bad start," Hamilton said right after the race. "All the team members here and at the factory are the real heroes, they keep innovating. People who see this may think it is going to be normal, but it always feels like the first time with this team.

"I am forever grateful to be part of this record. No team has done this before (seven world titles in a row) It's unbelievable. Of course, while we have an amazingly fast car, it's not easy to deliver that performance every weekend. Seven times world champion! That's something I can tell my grandchildren someday."

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