Mongolian government tells the FIA to take action against Max Verstappen

31-10-2020 15:46
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Mongolian government tells the FIA to take action against Max Verstappen

Last Friday, during the second free practice in Portimao, Max Verstappen and Lance Stroll hit each other. Over the onboard radio, Verstappen then let himself go completely about the actions of the Canadian, after which he apologised for his use of language. Earlier in the week, it was reported by the BBC that Christian Horner has spoken to Verstappen about the comments which he doesn't condone.

The derogatory comments have caused him a number of problems. The group "Mongol Identity" have already demanded a public apology from the Dutch for the words he used. The country of Mongolia is now next to knock on Red Bull Racing's door. 

FIA must take action against Verstappen says that. Mongolian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lundeg Purevsuren, has written to Dietrich Mateschitz and Tobias Moers, CEOs of Red Bull and Aston Martin, saying that he is disappointed with the language used by the Dutchman. "I regret the use of racist and unethical language in public by Red Bull driver Max Verstappen during the practice of the Portuguese Grand Prix of the Formula One World Championship on 23 October 2020," Purevsuren's letter reads.

"Sport is considered a symbol of unity all over the world and I believe that there should not be any form of racial discrimination in sports. I support the 'We Race as One' initiative of the Formula 1 against racism. But due to the abovementioned incident, I doubt that this initiative meets the reality. I am confident that in order to prevent the recurrence of such unethical behaviour in sports, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) will take actions against Red Bull driver Max Verstappen for his unacceptable behaviour of repeatedly using racist and derogatory language against any ethnic groups."

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