FOM has also realised: "Zandvoort must be held with fans"

31-10-2020 07:46 | Updated: 31-10-2020 09:10
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FOM has also realised: Zandvoort must be held with fans

Without a vaccine against the coronavirus, the Grand Prix events with fans are still in doubt. Looking ahead to the planning of 2021, it still seems uncertain whether the Dutch Grand Prix can be held in May. After all, there must be a public presence at the race in the Dutch dunes.

Zandvoort on the F1 calendar 2021

At the Ziggo F1 Café, former F1 driver Jan Lammers discusses the possibilities for Zandvoort in 2021. The race was due to be held in May 2020, but it is by no means certain that it will succeed on that date in 2021. Every circuit has its criteria to take into account and in Zandvoort there are two important points.

"We are dealing with a seaside resort in Zandvoort," Lammers begins his speech. "We are dealing with the summer season. But we are actually dealing with Covid in the first place".

GP Zandvoort entrepreneurial initiative

In addition to the organisation's wish not to organise the GP in the busy summer season, the organisation also has a requirement for public attendance. Lammers continues: "This Grand Prix is there in the first place because of a nice piece of entrepreneurial initiative. After all, they signed up for the costs of 135 million".

"First of all, this commitment was made, and then the fans reacted fantastically en masse with the purchase of the tickets. So it is mainly thanks to the fans that we have such an event in the waiting room."

The Dutch organisation of the event was therefore already of the opinion that the race should not take place without an audience. In the meantime, the central organisation also sees the need for this: "At FOM it has also penetrated. They also say that Zandvoort just has to have an audience", according to the former F1 driver.

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