Verstappen: 'No idea what they're planning, but wait to see if it's going to work'

31-10-2020 06:00 | Updated: 31-10-2020 07:15
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Verstappen: 'No idea what they're planning, but wait to see if it's going to work'

The organisation of Formula 1 is committed to organising as many races as possible. In this time of crisis, it will take some doing, but Liberty Media has made no secret of the fact that in the future they even want to drive at least 25 races a year.

In order to achieve this, a two-day race weekend is now being experimented with in Imola. Verstappen has already indicated that he is not a fan of so many races and thinks that a two-day event does not change that much either.

"You take away one day, but with more races that's still more than you would normally do. If you keep exactly the same schedule as you do with the normal number of races, then of course you can't do it. You're of course trying to soften it up a bit," said Verstappen during the press conference from Red Bull Racing.

Variable race weekends?

The question then is whether it is perhaps a possibility that some Grands Prix have a two-day weekend while others stick to a three-day weekend. Verstappen doesn't really have an opinion on that yet, he should see first of all whether the desired number of races next year will be achieved at all.

"Maybe it will. I have no idea what they are planning, so I think you can ask that question a little easier to FOM and the FIA. But we are going to see it. We'll have to wait and see what they want and whether we can manage to organise 23 matches next year in this difficult time".

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