Wolff sees complicated situation: 'Could be that countries close their borders'

30-10-2020 19:23 | Updated: 30-10-2020 21:11
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Wolff sees complicated situation: 'Could be that countries close their borders'

The number of positive coronavirus cases have increased considerably in recent weeks. Not only in the United Kingdom but throughout Europe and beyond. In Formula 1 the bubble does its work and only a handful of people become infected. Yet it can still get complicated to finish the F1 season.

That is what Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff says. He tells Motorsport.com that the high-ranking sportsmen and women met last Monday to discuss, among other things, the coronavirus situation. There they were told by Chase Carey that the season will be completed according to plan for the time being.

Formula 1 does not have everything under its own control

Wolff says, however, that this situation can change quickly. "It has been discussed in Monday's meeting because things are getting more complicated. You can't ignore the fact that numbers are on the rise, and that it could come to a point that some countries close the borders, and that obviously is going to affect F1."

He does stress that Formula 1 has done a good job and that only a few positive tests are proof of that. Uncertainty about what is happening outside is the greatest danger. "We don't know what is happening next week with those numbers on the rise, and we have no idea what happens in a month's time. So I think we just need to be adaptive".

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