Verstappen understands F1 wants to make money, but 'mechanics suffer'

30-10-2020 18:54 | Updated: 30-10-2020 21:09
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Verstappen understands F1 wants to make money, but 'mechanics suffer'

The Formula 1 organisation and owners Liberty Media made no secret of the fact that in recent years they want to organise more Grands Prix per season. Due to the coronavirus crisis, those plans have temporarily been put on hold, but in the future, they definitely want to go to 23 races and more.

Max Verstappen is not in favour of this. Not even if the race weekends are shortened, as is currently happening at the Imola circuit. "Look, if you are going to organise 23 races, or even more in the future, I think you can't ignore it," said Verstappen in a press conference by Red Bull Racing about the two-day GP.

Verstappen does not want F1 to follow NASCAR.

"I'm not a fan of so many races anyway, but of course I understand why they do it, to raise more money. On the other hand, it becomes extremely difficult for mechanics. In the end, the mechanics suffer a bit, while the big bosses in Formula 1 arrive later and leave sooner. Of course, to them, it doesn't really matter."

So Verstappen is not in favour of a NASCAR-style calendar, which sees races on weekdays. According to him, changing mechanics is not an option. "You don't want to change that, you want to have the right people tinkering with your car every weekend. That's the same as with drivers, you don't want to change them either".

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