Szafnauer: "They have the mental capacity to compete against Max"

30-10-2020 07:12 | Updated: 30-10-2020 08:32
Szafnauer: They have the mental capacity to compete against Max

Sergio Perez and Nico Hulkenberg are Alexander Albon's two major competitors in the battle for the second and final Red Bull seat of 2021. Otmar Szafnauer thinks both men will be able to challenge Max Verstappen in the RB17. The team boss of Racing Point also sees it as a compliment that precisely these two drivers are associated with Red Bull Racing. asked Szafnauer if Perez and Hulkenberg would perform well next to Verstappen. The Romanian has few doubts about this. "They both have the mental capacity and the mental strength to fit in with Max", he praises.

Perez is currently driving for Racing Point and Nico Hulkenberg has a past with the team. Szafnauer sees that as a compliment to his own formation. "Yes, I think in the past and hopefully in the future too, including Lance (Stroll) and Seb (Vettel), I think we pride ourselves on choosing good drivers. Maybe that's a compliment."

Force India picked well

The top man of the British race team then goes back in history. "It has nothing to do with me, I don't take credit, but even in Jordan's day, Michael (Schumacher) had his first car with Eddie, and Eddie chose good drivers. And in the days of Force India, too. I mean, I remember when I first came here, I didn't choose him, but Adrian Sutil was very fast if you remember. We've had some good drivers here."

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