Infection in F1 again? Russell's trainer goes into self-isolation as a precaution

29-10-2020 19:57 | Updated: 29-10-2020 21:46
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Infection in F1 again? Russell's trainer goes into self-isolation as a precaution

Formula 1 has so far remained fairly coronavirus-free, but despite travelling and working in a bubble infections have happened. It's not at all certain, but it is possible that someone infected has turned up at Williams' camp. This is Aleix Casanovas, George Russell's trainer, who noticed mild symptoms.

Last contact from some time back

As a precaution, the trainer has gone into self-isolation and will be tested outside the paddock on Friday. If that test is negative, he may return. If not, according to FIA and Formula 1 protocols, he will have to spend the next few days separately until he is tested negative.

George Russell will be looked at automatically, but the last moment he and his trainer had contact was on the day of the Portuguese Grand Prix and they tested negative. Russell doesn't have any complaints yet either, so it looks like it's an isolated case.

Of course, Russell will get tested tomorrow and as long as the result is negative, the Brit can continue as normal. 

Real infection?

The question is also if Casanovas is really infected or if it's something else. A Williams representative had the following to say to "A COVID-19 test collected yesterday was negative, however he will undergo a further precautionary test again tomorrow outside the paddock before taking further directions from the FIA.

"He has not been in contact with George since race day in Portugal. George undertook his scheduled COVID-19 test on Tuesday in order to enter Italy today - which was also confirmed as negative. He will be retested at the track on Friday as part of the team's regular testing schedule." In case Russell has to retire Williams has a backup in backup driver Jack Aitken.

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