Todt: "Now they want the opposite"

29-10-2020 08:48 | Updated: 29-10-2020 11:44
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Todt: Now they want the opposite

Red Bull Racing have launched a campaign to freeze the development of their current engines in 2022. Red Bull want to do this in order to take over the Honda engines.

With the departure of Honda at the end of 2021, Red Bull, but also Formula 1, have a problem. There are now only three engine suppliers left and with Red Bull, there is a strong team that are now without an engine. Red Bull are thought to want to take over the Honda engine, but only if the development of the engine is stopped so that the costs do not increase even more for Red Bull.

Todt laughs at Red Bull request

"In May, Red Bull told us that under no circumstances should there be a stop on the development of the engine, because otherwise Honda would stop. Now they want the opposite. It can go fast in this business," Todt revealed.

Todt standing firm

"I respect every opinion and every request, but I will not be blackmailed. I will not be blackmailed by anyone. The petrol suppliers have also threatened to leave if there is more competition, but it is much more important that they look at what they are investing their money in," Todt told Auto, Motor und Sport. Todt also did not rule out bringing forward the engine rules of 2026. ''If there is that possibility, why not do it?"

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