Tung not expecting as many grip challenges at Imola

29-10-2020 07:49 | Updated: 29-10-2020 11:38
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Tung not expecting as many grip challenges at Imola

The Grand Prix of Emilia Romagna will be held this weekend at the circuit of Imola and although races are still being organised there, it is expected that the track may cause the drivers some issues. 

During the Portuguese Grand Prix we saw some colder temperatures for the Formula 1 cars. All weekend the drivers struggled with grip and deciding which was the best tyre to run. However, Ho-Pin Tung is expecting a less exciting race at Imola.

Imola easier than Portimao

"The tyres are a little softer than in Portimão. There we saw that it was very difficult for the drivers to get into the right tire window, the point where the tyres work best. That had everything to do with the new layer of asphalt tat was on track That," he told Nu.nl.

According to Tung, we can expect less of this problem at Imola, because the Ferrari track was last resurfaced in 2007. ''Imola was last asphalted in 2007 and has considerably faster corners and harder braking zones. And it is precisely this that allows drivers to generate temperature in their tires. So it will be a little easier for the drivers on Imola to find the right tire window than on Portimão," concluded the WEC driver.

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