Wolff is surprised: ‘Who would have thought that?’

27-10-2020 17:23 | Updated: 27-10-2020 17:50
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Wolff is surprised: ‘Who would have thought that?’

Lewis Hamilton's record of 92 Grand Prix victories, 71 of them with Mercedes, is something that Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff himself could hardly believe. "A surreal amount of victories," he even called it.

Moving to Mercedes

According to Wolff, Hamilton has reached a level of domination at Mercedes that even surprised him. "Who would have thought that when we embarked on the project in 2013?" says the team principal to Formula1.com. When Hamilton moved from McLaren to Mercedes, many people thought he was crazy. Many wondered if he had made a mistake leaving the team that had helped him to the 2008 World Title.

New approach to Hamilton

This season Hamilton is well on his way to his seventh world title, having won eight of 12 races this season. According to Wolff, Hamilton's success this year is due to an evolution in the British driver's approach to race weekends.

Wolff explains: “I think, it’s almost what I’ve seen this year for the first time, it is that he ramps up his weekend. There’s a lot of reflection, a lot of learning, understanding the tyres for the race, and yeah, he was just sitting comfortable I believe at the beginning, and once the first laps were done, he just ramped it up. And then he had an unbelievable race.”

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