Albon’s pit stops used for data? “What else can they use him for?”

27-10-2020 11:42 | Updated: 27-10-2020 14:19
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Albon’s pit stops used for data? “What else can they use him for?”

In last Monday's NOS Formula 1 podcast Amber Brantsen and F1-analyst Jan Lammers discuss the theory regarding the early pitstop of Alexander Albon in Portimao, and what this theory spells out for Albon’s place within Red Bull.

Brantsen and Lammers discuss the story that Albon’s early pit stop during the Portuguese GP was done in order to collect data that might help Verstappen get the edge over the Mercedes drivers. 

Brantsen then asked Lammers whether he agrees with Red Bull’s strategy to use the Thai driver in order to help Verstappen. “Of course,” he responds, “what else can they use him for?” 

In the interest of the team

“He drives for the Red Bull team. he is not karting recreatively,” Lammers jokes. He feels it is easily justifiable that Horner’s team uses all resources to help at least one driver win, even if it to the detriment of the other driver. “They are working to help Verstappen. They have to try to win the race with Verstappen.” 


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