Albon blanking out the criticism despite potential demotion

27-10-2020 09:00 | Updated: 27-10-2020 11:12
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Albon blanking out the criticism despite potential demotion

Alexander Albon already hears knows that he may be replaced at Red Bull Racing in 2021, but according to his own words the Thai does not listen to rumours. He continues to focus on the work he has to do.

Albon must improve

It went fast for Albon and perhaps a little too fast. At the end of 2018, after a third place in Formula 2, he seems to be on his way to Formula E, but suddenly he gets a call from Helmut Marko. After six months he even moves on to Red Bull Racing, but there he can't live up to expectations.

''Obviously performance is priority. But there's no set goals in terms of statistics or anything. Just improvements and of course, closing the gap to Max. Let's say in terms of that sense I haven't been given any instructions,'' Alexander Albon said in Red Bull's online press conference.

Albon does nothing with criticism

''No offence to the press, but nothing you say isn't going to affect how I drive. I am focused on myself, focused on what I need to do to improve. I know if I get the results and do what's needed, the media does the talking for itself. In that sense I'm not looking at what you guys have to say. It's more about speaking to the engineers and the guys back at the factory. Getting more comfortable and confident in the car. And of course extracting the best lap times," says Albon.

When asked again about the criticism, the Red Bull driver is clear. ''Truthfully, I don't care what the media say. I am focused on the relationship between me and the team. And the lap time in the car. There's nothing that's going to change my lap time by looking at my phone so I focus on the stuff that matter," concludes Albon.

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