Horner: "Of course it's not strange that Toto wants to agree to this"

26-10-2020 17:25 | Updated: 26-10-2020 19:51
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Horner: Of course it's not strange that Toto wants to agree to this

Christian Horner says it is not often that he agrees with Toto Wolff, but the two have come to an agreement on the future of the engine regulations in Formula 1. Although Horner certainly does not count on this leading to more agreement.

Since the news that Honda is going to leave Formula 1, Horner has spoken several times about the engine regulations and his desire to freeze the development of the current engines. Toto Wolff has recently joined the ranks of the manufacturers in this crisis because the costs for them are becoming very high.

Mercedes thinks of self-interest

However, the team boss at Red Bull Racing thinks there is another reason why Toto agrees with him. "It's not surprising that he would agree, they currently have the best engine in Formula 1," he says to Motorsport.com. "Then why would you be against freezing?

"Above all, I think that Toto is doing everything in its power not to supply us with engines. In that respect I am very grateful for his support in this case," jokes a cynical Horner. He is therefore assuming that self-interest will prevail in F1 for the time being.

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