Palmer full of admiration: "If he continues like this, he will easily reach 100"

26-10-2020 14:21 | Updated: 26-10-2020 14:34
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Palmer full of admiration: If he continues like this, he will easily reach 100

Jolyon Palmer is enormously impressed by his compatriot Lewis Hamilton. The Mercedes driver achieved his 92nd victory yesterday and is now in first place when it comes to most race victories.

During the race, Hamilton showed that it is no coincidence that he is now the leader in that classification, ahead of Michael Schumacher. He was dominant throughout the race, and where others had trouble getting the tyres up to the right temperature, he drove around as if nothing was wrong on windy Portimao. In addition to the victory, he managed to get an extra World Championship point by scoring the fastest lap of the race.


Palmer, former F1 driver, says in the BBC's Chequered Flag podcast that he is impressed by Hamilton. "Unbelievable, truly unbelievable. Now he is the most successful Formula 1 driver of all time. He has been so dominant for so long, he has built a fantastic relationship with Mercedes. And the way he drives now is also extremely good. He hardly makes any mistakes.

"Today he finished 25 seconds ahead of the number two, Valtteri Bottas. Sometimes we might forget that Bottas is also just a very good driver. He's also won races in this Mercedes, he's put Hamilton to the test in qualifying. But Hamilton is just one step ahead of everybody and that is how he has been doing it for years. He's easily over 100 wins before he's finished," says Palmer with admiration.

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