Wolff willing to do anything to keep Hamilton: "I would sell the team's factories"

26-10-2020 12:31 | Updated: 26-10-2020 14:28
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Wolff willing to do anything to keep Hamilton: I would sell the team's factories

With 92 victories, Lewis Hamilton has been the absolute record holder in Formula 1 since Sunday, but the British driver does not yet have a contract for next year. Nevertheless, a new agreement seems only a matter of time.

New Hamilton contract

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff and the 35-year-old driver have in any case already expressed their desire to continue the cooperation. In any case, Wolff is prepared to go very far to pay the £40 million salary for Hamilton. "It's huge. We have to sell plenty of inventory”, he jokes to Daily Mail. "Sell the lease back of the buildings just to come up with the money." So that new contract is probably going to come.

Wolff also talks about breaking Michael Schumacher's record of Grand Prix victories. "It's a surreal amount of wins. It's his absolute passion and energy he puts into the sport that is astonishing. His talent, his ability - he is just standing out.”

Hamilton far from finished

In any case, it doesn’t look as if Hamilton will soon quit Formula 1. "Every race feels like the first one and I don't know how that is possible after all these years but for me it does. There is a lot more for us to do, particularly in this crazy time with the pandemic, and as a leading business in terms of diversity and inclusivity. That keeps me inspired.”

He also feels very strong physically. "Of course you wonder when it is going to tip and you start losing performance, but judging by today, it is not yet.”

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