Red Bull Racing must be patient: Meeting only for 'suggestions'

26-10-2020 10:52 | Updated: 26-10-2020 11:00
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Red Bull Racing must be patient: Meeting only for 'suggestions'

On Monday the Formula 1 teams meet to clarify the engines from 2022 onwards. However, according to Auto, Motor und Sport, we do not expect any news soon. 

Since the announced departure of Honda from Formula 1, the question is what kind of engines Red Bull Racing will use from 2022 onwards. The current suppliers are not eager to supply engines to Red Bull, which may itself want to take over the project from Honda. However, there is one big 'but' attached to that.

Still no urgent consultation

Red Bull wants engine development to be frozen after 2021. In this way, engine suppliers will no longer be able to develop their engines until the new regulations in 2026 and the Honda engine can be used more easily by Red Bull and other teams. Ferrari is the biggest opponent, while Mercedes likes to compete with Red Bull.

Where earlier it was announced that there would be an important meeting between the different parties today (Monday), the often well-informed Auto, Motor und Sport now reports that it would only be a meeting with teams and suppliers, where they could make their suggestions, in order to find the best solution for the future of F1. So we don't have to expect any news on Monday about the new rules.

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