It is difficult to estimate possibilities to catch up: 'Hopefully not necessary'

23-10-2020 07:24 | Updated: 23-10-2020 10:12
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It is difficult to estimate possibilities to catch up: 'Hopefully not necessary'

Over the past few years overtaking in Formula 1 has become increasingly difficult due to the wider cars and the rapidly wearing tyres. From 2022 overtaking should be easier and then Max Verstappen doesn't want to see too many rule changes anymore.

Formula 1 regulations

Over the last ten to twenty years, F1 cars have become heavier and wider, making it more and more difficult to overtake. There will be new rules from 2022 onwards, but it remains to be seen whether these will actually work. Verstappen has high hopes.

''You can see that towards the end of these regulations, the field, certainly in midfield, is coming ever closer together. I therefore think that you should make fewer extreme changes to the rules. Just hope that from 2022, with new regulations with less downforce, the weather will be better, although we will see big holes in the beginning, as always. In order to race you have to be able to follow each other more easily, we are heading in the right direction in that area, but don't know if it's enough," says Verstappen at Red Bull's online press conference.

The help of a Portuguese

According to Verstappen, overtaking has not become impossible, but it does vary a lot from circuit to circuit. ''On this circuit (Portimao) it has to work. Depends on how the circuit is built, how wide the track is, how long is a corner for a long straight. That's always difficult to say before you've driven there, but I hope we don't have to make a lot of overtaking here," says the Dutchman.

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