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Verstappen likes to see Hulkenberg coming: 'Would be a good teammate'

23-10-2020 06:56 | Updated: 23-10-2020 10:06
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Verstappen likes to see Hulkenberg coming: 'Would be a good teammate'

Red Bull Racing is facing an important choice. Alexander Albon has not performed as expected over the past year and a half, so the question is whether there should be a new driver. Max Verstappen does not want to concern himself with that.

After Pierre Gasly and Albon both struggled to live up to expectations, Red Bull is in a difficult position. Where Daniel Ricciardo managed to raise the team to a higher level together with Verstappen, the two young talents were unable to do so. This had led to several people asking for a more experienced driver to take the seat..

Hulkenberg and Verstappen as a duo

Where Red Bull has let Ricciardo and also Carlos Sainz go, there are now two drivers who are available for the job: Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez. Both drivers are without seats for 2021, so Red Bull can choose. Verstappen still remains quiet over the decision, but hints that he wouldn't be against Hulkenberg joining. ''Of course I can't say anything, but Nico is a great guest and what he did at the Nürburgring was great. I think he would be a good teammate, but that's not my decision," he tells German RTL.

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