Verstappen: "I don't feel like answering that question now"

22-10-2020 19:29 | Updated: 22-10-2020 21:51
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Verstappen: I don't feel like answering that question now

Max Verstappen is now in his sixth season in Formula 1 and with each year that has passed it appears that he has matured. The Dutchman has been reflecting on his development and admitted he still has a few things to iron out.

Every year goes better

During a Red Bull Racing online press event attended by GP Blog, Max Verstappen was asked how he views the development of himself as a driver with regard to getting better through the seasons. "I do think it has been better about each season so far."

"It's just not always clear, but from my side it feels that way. It's just constant, I think, that's also very important. You try to get the most out of it without making mistakes." 

However, the Dutchman also accepted his mistake in Hungary was not ideal. "Of course, that moment there in Hungary, before the race, that was not ideal. But in the end it didn't cost me anything because the mechanics put everything back together so quickly. But for the rest I think it's generally good."

"I think it is purely because of experience and spending time in Formula 1." 

The Dutchman shrugged off where his future could be, insisting that is a long way off yet. "That's all so far away, let's first see what the options are and then we'll see. I don't feel like answering that question now, because nothing is clear yet. It is just speculation."

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