Norris: 'Gaming came first, then racing.'

22-10-2020 11:04 | Updated: 22-10-2020 11:46
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Norris: 'Gaming came first, then racing.'

In an interview on the podcast At the Controls, young Mclaren driver Lando Norris has explained how he combines video games with his F1 career. 

The Brit has a strong following for his gaming and has been seeing playing video games with several British YouTubers. He can often be found playing a game on his Twitch-channel. “I would say that gaming came first. When I was four or five I played Gran Turismo on the playstation," Norris explained.

"There is more a technical thing you can learn from driving in a game." Nevertheless, he concludes: "There is nothing more real than practicing your racecraft in a real car."

Future of F1 and e-sports

The episode of At the Controls explores the ways in which virtual racing might add to the spectacle of Formula 1. "F1 is going to continue to see e-sports evolve as a key pillar of its business."


E-sports is a welcome addition to F1

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