Lawrence Stroll also appears to have had COVID

21-10-2020 18:59 | Updated: 21-10-2020 21:17
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Lawrence Stroll also appears to have had COVID

Lance Stroll is not the only one in Formula 1 besides Sergio Perez and several unnamed team members to have contracted COVID. It appears that his father, Lawrence Stroll, has also been infected by the virus. This is reported by, who understood this from a representative.

Positive test after a visit to Aston Martin

The owner of Racing Point was not present at the Grand Prix in Russia and Germany because he was in isolation due to infection. Meanwhile Stroll senior is back at work, as he no longer has symptoms of the virus.

Stroll senior visited Aston Martin's home base in the UK on Thursday 8 October where he was tested. A day later the results were known and this routine test showed that Stroll was infected. Strangely enough, after Lawrence Stroll his son Lance became infected, but not thanks to his father.

According to, timelines that can be traced show that the two were not close at the time they became infected. Both father and son Stroll have been tested negative again and so far they haven't had any serious complaints. At least, no mention has been made of this.

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