Lewis Hamilton releases teaser of his new music album

20-10-2020 19:10 | Updated: 20-10-2020 19:53
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Lewis Hamilton releases teaser of his new music album

In addition to being a Formula 1 driver, Lewis Hamilton also has some very different ambitions. In the past few years, he has collaborated on songs by other artists, but now the time has come for him to release an album of his own. On his Instagram page, he teased a number of songs during a live broadcast.

Hamilton teases songs from his music album

It is no secret that even outside the track, Hamilton finds himself in the spotlight often. For example, he is often seen at parties of famous friends, and is regularly photographed in remarkable fashion designs. But he's getting familiar with the music scene as well: Two years ago, he collaborated on a song by Christina Aguilera.

But now Hamilton thought it was time for his own album, which will be released on Spotify. In a live broadcast on his Instagram page he teased eight of his new songs. 
Watch the broadcast with Lewis Hamilton's music below!

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