Ferrari wants to tackle this next year and is using its tokens

20-10-2020 12:42 | Updated: 20-10-2020 14:55
Ferrari wants to tackle this next year and is using its tokens

Ferrari knows what it is going to spend its development tokens on next year. The Italians want to tackle the back of the car so that they can take another step forward.

New rear side

Ferrari's aerodynamic package this year was not what it was supposed to be. The Scuderia started the season with an incredible backlog but the last few weeks have shown signs of recovery. The updates to the car give Ferrari some pace but according to Simone Resta the rear needs to be revised.

In conversation with Autosprint, Resta explains why they have chosen to do this: "We are going to tackle the rear of the car. We think this is the area that gives us more room for development between chassis and aerodynamics in 2021." Resta does not know how much progress Ferrari is going to make with this and therefore does not want to make any predictions.

Token system

Since the corona crisis, Formula 1 has decided to work with a token system that allows you to make adjustments to the chassis. This partly puts the development of the car on hold so that money cannot be spent indefinitely on such adjustments. Each team gets two tokens with which they can choose to improve two smaller areas or a large part of the chassis.

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