Australia organiser confirms: Race to be held in March!

20-10-2020 12:16 | Updated: 20-10-2020 14:50
Australia organiser confirms: Race to be held in March!

We eagerly await next year's Formula 1 calendar. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, there is still a lot of uncertainty, which leaves a lot of room for personal interpretation and rumours. Are we starting in Bahrain, for example? Not according to the organisers in Australia.

For some time now, the Formula 1 season has been starting in sunny Australia. Last year it became a debacle because coronavirus hit the headlines and cancelled the race. The pandemic caused an improvised calendar.

Where does the season start?

The defeat of coronavirus is difficult to predict so next year's calendar can only be written in pencil. In which country is the pandemic under control so that Formula 1 can keep to the regular calendar? There is uncertainty about the start of the season. Last week there was a rumour that it might start in Bahrain.

The organisers of the Australian Grand Prix have responded to this to Nine Network and indicate that none of it is true. "Melbourne will traditionally host the Formula 1 season opener again in March. It is an important part of the recovery of major sporting events in Victoria," said Andrew Westacott, CEO of the Australian Grand Prix organisation. So we'll just start in Australia, as long as coronavirus doesn't throw a spanner in the works again.

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