Does Red Bull Racing get help from Formula 1? 'They'll benefit too'

20-10-2020 09:14 | Updated: 20-10-2020 11:06
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Does Red Bull Racing get help from Formula 1? 'They'll benefit too'

Red Bull Racing has to look for a new engine supplier before 2022 after the announced departure of Honda. Renault is an option, but according to Dutch commentator Olav Mol, Formula 1 will also have to push for a takeover of Red Bull.

Renault and Red Bull together again?

At the end of 2021, Honda will leave Formula 1 after having worked hard since 2015 to bring the engine to the top. Victories have been had, but Honda will stop before it has achieved a world title. There is now talk of a deal with Renault, but Red Bull can also take over Honda's programme.

''One thing is clear, in any case, and that is that Mercedes really is a 'no go'. On behalf of Mercedes, Toto Wolff has clearly indicated that that will not happen. There are now talks with Renault. That new boss is really all about Formula 1 and I think that Renault really is a serious discussion partner of Red Bull," says Dutch TV presenter Jack Plooij to F1 aan Tafel. However, Olav Mol sees another possibility.

A standard F1 engine

''The whole F1 world will benefit if Red Bull takes over that project itself. They need a lot of money for that, but that's what Red Bull does. Formula 1 may also be willing to invest money, because then as a sport you will have a standard F1 engine with which it will be easier to bring teams to the sport," says the commentator of Ziggo Sport.

''A engine deal may cost a maximum of twelve million, so you can easily draw up a business plan. It's a very good engine, which other brands can buy and put their own sticker on it. We're used to ten teams, but it's just a little bit on the meagre side," concludes Mol.

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