Racing Point dissatisfied with new FIA guidelines

18-10-2020 13:51 | Updated: 18-10-2020 14:33
Racing Point dissatisfied with new FIA guidelines

At Racing Point they still believe they have done nothing wrong. Andrew Green says that everyone in Formula 1 copies, so it makes no sense to only punish the single team. Moreover, the technical director is not happy with the new FIA guidelines that have been put in place.

"We keep looking at the other cars and looking for new ideas or inspiration. If other teams claim they won't and come up with all their own ideas, then they are dreaming", says Green at Auto, Motor und Sport. 

Renault and McLaren

Indeed, the Racing Point top man states that McLaren recently introduced a new nose and a new front wing, clearly taking Mercedes' designs as its guiding principle. "Has anyone complained that they have copied it? The same applies to Renault. The whole front part of the car is the copying and pasting of the Mercedes concept. The teams that shout the loudest copy the most".

Yet in the hands of Lawrence Stroll, the British race team have signed the FIA's anti-copying rules. Green says they did it to calm the mood. "This is a kind of peace treaty. What we have done has upset some people. Although we have never done anything illegal," he says.

Racing Point not happy

However, what Racing Point now has to deal with is the fact that certain new rules have been voted for, but that there are now guidelines in circulation that contradict what the team has signed up to. "The explanatory statement states that not only is it not permitted to reconstruct individual parts, but it is also forbidden to adopt concepts. That is not in the rules. That is a misinterpretation. How can you prove that you have not taken the concept of another car? Where does it start, where does it end," Green says.

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