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Perez gives everything in the last races: I want to finish on a high

Perez gives everything in the last races: "I want to finish on a high"

17-10-2020 19:16 Last update: 21:55


Although Sergio Perez is considered one of the most consistent drivers in Formula 1, he has to leave Racing Point after this season. Despite the strange atmosphere, the Mexican is trying to give it all on the track.

After a long period of speculation and rumors, Racing Point and Sebastian Vettel have signed an agreement for 2021. This however means that Sergio Perez will have to make space for the four-time world champion, despite everything the Mexican has done for the team.

Perez feels that the atmosphere at Racing Point has changed since the announcement of his departure. "It's very strange. It's like living with a woman you already know you're going to divorce in two months," the driver told Channel 4.

Part of the game

However, Sergio Perez is not trying to let it affect his performance in the team's remaining races. "I've been in Formula 1 and in similar and different positions for so many years, it's all part of the game. I come here, I do my work on and off and I just have to give 100 percent," explains the Mexican.

"This team has been great for me. We've been together for seven years, I have many friends here, so I just want to end my career with them on a high and that we remember time together with pride," concludes Perez. But in addition to his end at Racing Point, is it the end of his entire career in Formula 1? Time will tell.