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Sainz and Norris agree: No confidence in upgrades

Sainz and Norris agree: No confidence in upgrades

17-10-2020 15:41 Last update: 16:17


Carlos Sainz also has little confidence in the updates his team McLaren has introduced in the last two races. He says those upgrades are the reason for his poor performance in qualifying in Germany.

"Since the third free practice session I didn't feel comfortable in the car," he said to Movistar, as quoted by Motorsport.com"I managed to improve during qualifying, but it still wasn't really good. I don't know what to say, because when you put new parts on the car you expect to go a bit faster than your teammate."

Norris wasn't happy either

It is a striking statement from McLaren's Spanish driver, as his teammate Norris had complained about the same upgrades a week earlier. They were installed on his car at the time, but he had little confidence in the updates. That's why the Briton drove the old parts around again at the Eifel GP and managed to keep his teammate behind him in qualifying pretty easily.

Sainz says he's not sure if it's because he and his team were able to train so little during the race weekend. "There is a lot of uncertainty and we are missing a lot of knowledge about this package. I'm not saying it isn't better than the others, but you expect to go faster if you put something new on the car. There are just a lot of question marks at the moment."