Marko finally opens up to more Red Bull Racing lagging behind in 2020

16-10-2020 07:05 | Updated: 16-10-2020 10:29
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Marko finally opens up to more Red Bull Racing lagging behind in 2020

It is starting to become a bit of a fixed pattern. Mercedes is getting off to a great start and is therefore able to focus early on the next season. Isn't Helmut Marko afraid that the same scenario will mean the same again for next year?

In recent years Red Bull Racing has been closing the gap to Mercedes throughout the season, but the Germans came out of the winter break much better. They are said to have switched to the new car much earlier during the season and therefore always have a head start. However, Marko will not be able to do that before 2021.

Marko is disappointed

''This whole season cannot be considered normal. Two things that were surprising: Firstly, there was this huge step by Mercedes, which I think was because they were not sure if Ferrari could keep the system and so Mercedes started to work even harder. Their move was even bigger than Honda's, so we are behind again,'' Marko says to

The Red Bull advisor also adds another surprise. ''We also had a correlation problem between the wind tunnel and reality, which prevented us from closing the gap so quickly with this calendar. After all, if you have three races in a row you are happy to be away from work for a while. Now, however, we have come a long way and we could have put the whole field on a lap at the Nürburgring without a Safety Car," concludes the Austrian.

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