Marko: "We would then choose the one who is most promising for our team"

15-10-2020 13:29 | Updated: 15-10-2020 16:47
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Marko: We would then choose the one who is most promising for our team

Alexander Albon is still under pressure at Red Bull Racing. The Thai driver managed to get on the podium at Mugello, but after that the results were again disappointing. Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez are still available and could be options for the team.

"We need a competitive driver. Sochi's action was not justified," said Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko about Alexander Albon at "Nurburgring was mixed, but significantly better. It was stupid bad luck that a stone punched a hole in the radiator."

Perez or Hulkenberg?

"There's no rush. The drivers you always mention, in English and German media, are both available. And as far as I know, almost all the seats are taken. Or actually, a Haas chair is not interesting for everyone," Marko continued. The door is clearly not completely closed yet for Hulkenberg and Perez

"We would then choose the one that is most promising for our team. It's not who I prefer, but who has the better overall package."

Last weekend Marko spoke to Hulkenberg about a possible opportunity in Germany when the result of Albon's corona test was unclear. Sebastian Buemi will be on hand for the next two races.

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