Hamilton: "Have a lot of respect for them. Also for those who talk badly of me'

13-10-2020 14:47
by GPblog.com
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Hamilton: Have a lot of respect for them. Also for those who talk badly of me'

Jackie Stewart didn't ignore it and put Lewis Hamilton's 91 victories into perspective. Although the Briton came on a par with Michael Schumacher, Stewart likes to emphasise the distinction between a successful driver and true greats.

Stewart finds Hamilton only successful

The 81-year-old Scotsman thus directs his criticism at Hamilton, which has been put on an equal footing with Schumacher in terms of number of race victories. Hamilton is at the top or very high in the record lists almost everywhere, but Stewart does not see the Briton as a true greatness.

"Hamilton drives very well and I don't want to annul his record. But his success cannot be compared to what drivers used to do. Juan Manuel Fangio, for example, drove for Ferrari, but then thought: 'Hmm, Maserati may be very strong next year', so he signed there. He never committed himself for more than a year".

Hamilton undergoes criticism

Stewart believes that Hamilton made a smart choice to go to Mercedes at the time, but the competition has been unfair for a long time. According to the three-time champion, it deserves more respect if you win races in a car that is not the best. "For me, that is the difference between a successful driver and a true greatness.

Stewart thinks, Hamilton cannot be called the greatest of all time. Hamilton, however, does not react fiercely and undergoes criticism. Speedweek quotes the Brit: "I get a lot of criticism, especially from older drivers. They have a kind of obsession. I do not know why. Maybe one day that will blow over."

"I myself have a great deal of respect for the legendary drivers, including those who invariably speak negatively of me. I place them so high because I am aware of how difficult the sport used to be."

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