Does Hulkenberg still have hope? Maybe Formula 1 doesn't need me.

Does Hulkenberg still have hope? "Maybe Formula 1 doesn't need me.

13-10-2020 13:40

Nico Hulkenberg acted again last weekend as the ideal substitute, but De Duister wants more. Hulkenberg wants to return to Formula 1 but still doesn't have a seat for next year while the number of places is decreasing. He does not see Red Bull as a serious option.

A spot at Red Bull?

Hulkenberg was almost able to make his debut for Red Bull last weekend because Albon's coron test was not immediately negative. Marko hung up on the phone at Hulkenberg when it became clear that Albon might not be able to drive. At Auto, Motor und Sport they ask Hulkenberg if this means anything for a possible spot at Red Bull.

"Difficult, very difficult. I don't get much hope. This was an exceptional situation because no driver can change so fast with them. AlphaTauri needs the drivers themselves, they can't take a driver from them and say to the team: look, it's up to you". Hulkenberg's experience makes him an ideal replacement for any team that needs a driver without a chance to prepare.

Quiet after Silverstone

In the end the German got a spot at Racing Point last weekend because Lance Stroll was not fit. That happened earlier at Silverstone but after that it remained very quiet. "Unfortunately things didn't go so well after Silverstone. I don't have a spot yet so maybe Formula 1 has enough good drivers and I don't need them." Hulkenberg still has a few months to get a place in Formula 1. He has at least shown that he is good enough.