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'Lewis Hamilton is a bit of a diva'

'Lewis Hamilton is a bit of a diva'

12-10-2020 16:32


Frits van Amersfoort, owner of Van Amersfoort Racing in Formula 4, believes that Lewis Hamilton has certainly earned Schumacher's record. Last weekend Hamilton equalled the number of victories Michael Schumacher has achieved.

Hamilton was given a helmet by Michael Schumacher after his victory in the Eifel GP by his son Mick, as a token of appreciation and congratulations. Hamilton was visibly affected by the gesture and thanked Mick many times. He now seems on his way to break Schumacher's record in the upcoming races.

"The Dutch hate that he wins so much"

In the Formula 1 podcast of the NOS, Van Amersfoort says that he had expected this when he saw Lewis earlier. "I know Lewis a bit from Formula 3 time and he was a great guy back then. That's when you actually saw this coming. He wins so much, and we Dutch people are automatically a bit disappointed by that. But of course the man is very good."

"But Lewis also suffers a bit from star lyrics, let's call it that. I don't always like that either. Schumacher had those too, but they are two completely different people. I think Lewis is more of a rapper, and Michael was more thoroughly German." Jan Lammers agrees with Van Amersfoort. "Michael played football with his old football club and Lewis' network consists almost exclusively of very famous people. It's a bit of a diva".

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