International media sympathizes with Verstappen: "Max must be very bored"

12-10-2020 07:48
International media sympathizes with Verstappen: Max must be very bored

Max Verstappen shows week in week out what he is capable of in Formula 1. His RB16 is not good enough to compete for Grand Prix victories every time. At the Nurburgring, it turned out to be fast but no match for Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton.

Auto, Motor und Sport (Germany)

"Max finished in second place. Like the winner, Red Bull's leader completed two tire changes during a virtual safety car and later during an actual neutralization. Red Bull improved through a series of upgrades to take down, but they had no chance against Mercedes in the long runs. Verstappen still set the extra point for the fastest lap in the finals."

L’Equipe (France)

"You have to feel sorry for the Dutchman. He is the only one with a less efficient car that gives the sensation of threatening the untouchable Lewis Hamilton. Every Sunday he optimizes the performance of a Red Bull that is short against the Mercedes. Max never gives up and usually drives alone. Sometimes he dances around Valtteri Bottas with unequal weapons, but often he drives between two worlds. Those of Lewis and the others. Max must be very bored behind Lewis and at the same time far ahead of all the other F1 drivers. His inspiration is praiseworthy. Max deserves to be able to fight every Sunday for the win."

AS (Spain)

"Verstappen never had the rhythm to get close to Mercedes, he was driving in the middle of nowhere and at the same time he had a huge lead on the countless battles that took place behind him."

La Gazzetta Dello Sport (Italy)

"The race was another one in which Mercedes showed just how strong it was. Valtteri Bottas tried to win from pole, but technical problems with his car cleared the way for Lewis, who took the lead on lap thirteen and never let go. Max Verstappen's Red Bull followed the Briton as long as he could, because when the W11 of the six-time world champion came on stream, there was never another serious race."

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