Verstappen praises Hamilton: "That's an uncomfortable question to ask!"

12-10-2020 07:32
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Verstappen praises Hamilton: That's an uncomfortable question to ask!

Lewis Hamilton achieved his 91st Grand Prix victory at the Nüburgring last weekend, matching Michael Schumacher's record. It was a fitting place to do so and during the press conference, he could count on praise from his colleagues.

Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo were asked what they think of that achievement and how they judge Hamilton against the other greats in the sport. "Just great," says Verstappen laughing, knowing that Hamilton is sitting next to him. He also feels the situation and says: "That's an uncomfortable question to ask."

Win everything for five years

The driver from Red Bull Racing then took it seriously. "It's an incredible achievement because everyone thought that those 91 victories were almost impossible to achieve. I'm pretty sure there will be more victories ahead of him and probably championships too. So yes, impressive and difficult to improve on."

Ricciardo also expressed his respect for the record, which puts the number of victories into perspective. He now knows how difficult it is to get even one podium finish. Winning 91 times means winning all races for almost five years, is the arithmetic he is quick to do.

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