Honda explains why they are withdrawing from only Formula 1

09-10-2020 18:23 | Updated: 09-10-2020 20:55
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Honda explains why they are withdrawing from only Formula 1

Honda announced more than a week ago that they will stop their Formula 1 programme. They suggested a focus on the development of carbon-neutral technology as their reason for doing so. However, this raised some questions. asked why the activities in the IndyCar were continuing. Masashi Yamamoto gave a clear explanation as to why. “Our work on IndyCar is run by HPD, which is an independent part of Honda within America."

Honda needs its best people

The Formula 1 programme, on the other hand, is run from Japan and Milton Keynes, where the Red Bull Racing factory is located. Employees of those working on the F1 project will now be deployed to develop carbon-neutral technology.

The fact that Formula 1 itself has also set the goal of being climate-neutral by 2030 does not matter, according to Yamamoto. "Given that Honda has customers all over the world for its automobile products, its motorbikes and general use products, there was the need for us to move our top engineers at an earlier stage to working on future carbon neutral projects.”

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