Vettel's involvement with Aston Martin goes beyond racing

05-10-2020 11:04 | Updated: 05-10-2020 12:45
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Vettel's involvement with Aston Martin goes beyond racing

Sebastian Vettel has fallen into the background at Ferrari over the past two years and has finally been pushed towards the exit. For a moment there was doubt as to whether he had the motivation to continue, but his renewed role as team leader at Aston Martin is sufficient in that respect.

This role as team leader will mainly be played on the track. With his experience and speed, the team hopes to take another step towards the top, taking Lance Stroll in tow. However, his role goes further than just that of a driver.

Vettel as an ambassador of Aston Martin previously announced that his salary as a driver is 'only' 1.3 million euros, but that as an ambassador for Aston Martin he will receive a further 4.2 million euro. According to Toto Wolff, Vettel may be able to continue in this role as an ambassador for Aston Martin.

"Sebastian is first and foremost a racing driver. It's all about performance on the track," said the Mercedes team boss to Auto Bild. "But he also says it doesn't mean he might not buy a few shares - especially if the company is still undervalued, so the possibility is there. I also have shares in Aston Martin. From that perspective, I think Vettel's arrival is great, because Germany is the second most important market."

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