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Carey about Domenicali: "It's nice to have him as a successor"

01-10-2020 20:46
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Carey about Domenicali: It's nice to have him as a successor

Chase Carey will say goodbye in January as the boss of Formula 1. He will be replaced by Stefano Domenicali. However, Carey does not intend to sit behind the geraniums.

The American Irishman has run the company since it was acquired by Liberty Media. He looks back with many good memories on the years when he was at the helm of the sport. "It was great," Carey said to Sky Sports. "It was different from what I've done in my life so far. It was special. It's a special sport with incredible athletes doing great things. It was fantastic to have been a part of that."

"We have a fantastic future ahead of us"

The 66-year-old businessman is convinced that he will hand the sport over well to his successor, despite a difficult year. "I believe we have a fantastic future ahead of us. It is nice to have Stefano as his successor. He knows the sport and the people and will continue to build on what we have created".

Carey himself will take on a helping role for the Italian during the transition period. "I won't be leaving altogether. At the end of the day Stefano will have to make the decisions himself. We have talked about where his priorities should be and we share a vision on where Formula 1 should go. I want to help, but I don't want to get in the way", he concludes laughing.

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