Williams back to the top? "They're not here just to have fun"

01-10-2020 11:36 | Updated: 01-10-2020 13:20
by GPblog.com
Williams back to the top? They're not here just to have fun

A lot has changed at Williams this year. The racing stable is no longer managed by the Williams family and it has been taken over by a Dorilton Capitals. At the head of the team, Claire Williams has made way for Simon Roberts.

Roberts has been appointed team boss since the Mugello Grand Prix. The Englishman is leading a team for the first time but has already gained a lot of experience in Formula 1, including as an engineer at McLaren. There is a nice task for Roberts who would like to take steps with the new investors and the team.

Long term vision

Roberts is very pleased with the new owners of the team. "The Dorilton guys are all really, really good to work with, genuinely nice people, really smart, and very open minded. We couldn’t wish for more. They have a long-term vision for the team, this isn’t a quick flip, put that in and move on."

The long term vision will eventually lead to new successes for the famous English team, although they don't want to put a time on it right away, but there is ambition.

"Dorilton are very realistic; they’ve done a lot of research, they’ve looked at other people that bought teams over the last 10 to 12 years and looked at the timeline from point of acquisition, to competing for world championships, or winning races or whatever, and they recognise this is a journey. This isn’t a ‘We just want to own a team, we’re going to have some fun’, this is to get us to be able to win races, and eventually compete for championships,” Roberts said to RaceFans.net

It's not yet clear when Williams will be back at the front of the field, but they want nothing more than to repeat the successes of the 1990s. With a budget cap and some fat on the bones again that seems possible within ten years. Moreover, the low point now really seems to be behind us.

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