Perez is not worried about contract: 'Clear progress has been made'

01-10-2020 09:49 | Updated: 01-10-2020 11:42
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Perez is not worried about contract: 'Clear progress has been made'

According to Italian sources, Sergio Perez's contract negotiations have come to a standstill because of a possible investment by Dmitry Mazepin, but the Mexican himself is clear about his plans for the future.

Perez is due to leave Racing Point at the end of 2020, but with the support of Mexico and his wealth of experience, he still has enough to show to other teams. Red Bull Racing might still be looking for a second driver, but especially Haas have been linked to Perez. The Mexican can say little about that for the time being.

Perez makes progress

''Nothing has been signed yet, so who will say? Clearly, progress has been made, so we will see in the coming weeks. As I said before, no one is rushing at this stage, and that includes me. Let's wait and see, because there is still a long way to go," says Perez following

On Thursday, however, the Italian media announced that these negotiations had been postponed. Dmitry Mazepin is said to be interested in Haas and wants to make room for his son Nikita. Will this again be at Perez's expense or is the Mexican secretly working with another team for a seat in 2021?

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