Alonso about his fears: "Every time you drive there, there is a risk"

29-09-2020 19:24 | Updated: 30-09-2020 09:25
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Alonso about his fears: Every time you drive there, there is a risk

Fernando Alonso says that he is still afraid of the coronavirus. The 39-year-old Spaniard will return to Formula 1 next season with his old love Renault, which will be rebbranded as Alpine F1 from 2021 onwards.


Formula 1 seems to have avoided COVID-19 quite well to date. After thousands of tests, the number of positive cases remains low. The only driver who has contracted the virus so far is Sergio Perez, who therefore had to miss the two races at Silverstone.

Fernando Alonso admits that he is still afraid of the corona virus: "I respect and fear the virus", says the Spaniard in conversation with "I always try to protect myself. I go shopping and wash things when I get home. Everyone did it in the beginning, but I still do it and that surprises my friends."

Fears while racing

Alonso believes that little has changed in the world since the outbreak began. Incidentally, the coronavirus is by no means his only fear. In fact, the two-time world champion does not like aeroplanes either, and even during his career as a racing driver there are times when he is afraid. "Every time you drive the Indianapolis, there is a risk, because you reach 380 kilometres per hour."

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