'Hamilton's new three-year contract may become official at any time'

28-09-2020 19:55 | Updated: 29-09-2020 00:40
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'Hamilton's new three-year contract may become official at any time'

Lewis Hamilton has a contract with Mercedes until the end of this year and it is well known that he and Toto Wolff have been negotiating for some time. However,a new deal could be almost complete if we are to believe the DailyMail.

Close to signing a contract

The newspaper reported on its website that Hamilton is close to a three-year contract. The value of the contract is GBP 40 million. If he signs, he will sign on with Mercedes until the end of 2024. With such a long duration and continued dominance of Mercedes, there is nothing to stop him from breaking even more Michael Schumacher records.

In principle, the contract is already in place and, according to various sources, it is simply a matter of time until it is officially announced.

Takeover of Ineos?

If the announcement were to follow quickly, it would be at odds with Robert Doornbos' story. The former F1 driver indicated in Crash in the Kitchen that Hamilton wouldn't have signed up yet because a lot is going on behind the scenes. Although it has been denied, Ineos is said to be talking about a partial purchase of the team.

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