'When Wolff or Hamilton departs at Mercedes little will change'

28-09-2020 17:48 | Updated: 29-09-2020 00:30
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'When Wolff or Hamilton departs at Mercedes little will change'

There is plenty of talk regarding the futures of Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff. It seems that the two will continue at Mercedes for a while, but there are a lot of rumours about them. In a new video on Sky Sports F1, the team boss of Mercedes dismissed many of the rumours

We can achieve a great deal

Mercedes, as a team, is one of the largest companies in the sport, as it involves around 2,000 people. All these people contribute to the success of the team and, of course, Lewis Hamilton. But should the time come when Hamilton or Wolff decide to leave the German race stable, little will change.

"I love working with him and I think he enjoys working with me," said Wolff. "I think together plus the other 2000 teammembers we can achieve a lot. But if one of us would call it a day for whatever reason, the team is gonna continue to perform."

And in the case of Hamilton specifically. "We will miss the best driver, clearly. On the other side, if one of us, including myself decides to go the team is gonna have the same performance. Not an inch less. I think we recognize that although we want to stay together."

No contract yet

In doing so, Wolff indirectly repeats earlier statements that both he and Hamilton intend to continue with the same team. The six-time champion has still not signed a new contract, but that seems only a matter of time.

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