"Hamilton has been in Formula 1 long enough to know this"

28-09-2020 10:31 | Updated: 28-09-2020 12:47
by GPblog.com
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Hamilton has been in Formula 1 long enough to know this

After the Russian Grand Prix, there was much discussion as to whether Lewis Hamilton's punishment was too severe. The race management have since reversed the penalty points the Brit was given but many pundits still feel he made a mistake.

"He needs to know where to make his practice start," said former F1 driver Karl Wendlinger. "He has been in Formula 1 long enough. There are rules, even in the other motorsport categories. So you have to know where you can start," Wendlinger continued on Sport1, who was glad that somebody else could win for a change.

Dangerous and incomprehensible choice from Hamilton

There is no doubt that the infringement committed by Hamilton is also born out of the practice starts of all the other drivers. They did, in fact, do so at the appropriate place. Analyst and also former F1 driver Marc Surer does not understand why Hamilton felt it necessary to do his in another place.

"It's just the driver's fault, because if 19 drivers practice starting from the right place and Lewis Hamilton does it at the end of the pit lane, where the cars come out of the pits at high speed, then on the one hand it's dangerous and on the other hand I didn't even understand why he had the idea of going there."

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