Horner: "He loses his racing licence at the slightest error"

27-09-2020 20:51 | Updated: 27-09-2020 21:22
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Horner: He loses his racing licence at the slightest error

Lewis Hamilton has collected quite a few penalty points over the past calendar year. This has not escaped the notice of Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner. Today Hamilton was released with a scare, after two penalty points after the race were not credited to his super license.

If Hamilton had retained today's penalty points, his total would have been ten points. If a drivers collects 12 points in a year, they are subject to a race ban. Hamilton got these two points in the first place because he made two practice starts in the wrong place before the race.

Reaction Horner

"I don't know who the reserve driver of Mercedes is, but if I were him, I would start training," Christian Horner mocked after the race at Auto, Motor und Sport. At that time it was not yet known that Hamilton's last points would be withdrawn. "With the slightest error, he would lose his racing licence."

Hamilton will lose penalty points again prior to the Turkish Grand Prix. It will be a year since he tapped Alexander Albon out of his first podium chance in Brazil.

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