Red flag in F2! Aitken and Ghiotto fly hard into the tyre barrier

27-09-2020 09:31 | Updated: 27-09-2020 10:41
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Red flag in F2! Aitken and Ghiotto fly hard into the tyre barrier

Not only Formula 1 is racing in Russia this weekend. Formula 2 has also been competing around the circuit in Sochi this weekend. On Saturday the Feature Race was already held and on Sunday morning the Sprint race was on the programme. After eight laps it was stopped by a red flag, after Luca Ghiotto and Jack Aitken flew hard into the Turn 3 barriers.

In the fast turn three the two drivers touched each other, and the pair flung into the outside barrier. The two cars did huge damage to the tyre barrier and the race was red flagged and never restarted, due to damage to the barriers. This made Guanyu Zhou the winner, taking his first victory in F2 and now the race is on to fix the barriers before the F1 race later today.

Everyone unharmed

Especially Ghiotto's car seems to be badly damaged, as it came loose with two wheels before the car came to a standstill in the wall. Fortunately, both drivers got out of the car unharmed. The past two weekends Formula 1 already had a red flag, but this weekend Formula 2 also got a red flag.

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